• How to answer?
    Don't skip questions from the application. Answer as detailed and fully as possible. Don't be afraid to bring some examples from the personal experience, talk as much as you can, don't stuck with one-word answers! Often ask yourself: «maybe I can add something else?», «what do I mean?». Don't stop on your first answers, disclose the topic. Remember: there are no right or wrong answers. You can say anything off the top of your head. The most important thing is to actually talk. Record your video in a quiet and peaceful environment. Don't hurry.

  • Recording duration
    Recording should last from 60 to 90 minutes. Videos that are less than 60 minutes are not suitable for the accurate result. It is vital for us to hear a lot of your speech! 5-7 min for one answer will be fine!
  • Acceptable video formats
    Acceptable formats of video files: mp4, mpeg-4, avi, mov, wmv. To make the video not too big, shoot it in low quality. Ideally, it should be 1-2GB.
  • Upload video
    Upload a video on any platform you like (Google Drive, Drop Box, YouTube) and give us an access to the recording.
Tell me about yourself in general. Who are you? What are you like? What is your profession? What did you do before?
Let's talk about your desires. What brings you the most pleasure? What do you want in the future? What are your plans, goals, intentions? Describe different areas of life.
What activity makes you completely immerse yourself and forget about time? What are you "flying away" from?
What are you most interested in? In what area? What do you most often read about, watch videos or search the Internet? Describe your main areas of interest!
What is your favorite character from literature or movies? Why? What inspires you in that person? Maybe you admire someone from your inner circle… friends, relatives, colleagues. Why?
What pains and problems of our society resonate with you the most? What would you like to influence or change if you could?
If you created your own island and settled it, what would it be like? How would it live? Just imagine that your possibilities are unlimited, you can create everything as you wish: climate, animals, landscape, population and the form of its interaction… everything. What kind of island would it be and what would be the difference from other islands?
Just imagine: the financial issue is settled forever and you really shouldn't think about money anymore. What would you rather do?
If you were given a guarantee that you will certainly succeed in what you do, what kind of activity would it be? What would you like to do?
Which professions are definitely not suitable for you? What would you never do? Never ever in your life.
What do you like most about your profession? What do you dislike most about the profession you are in?
Which person would ideally complement you? What qualities does he/she have that you lack? What can be delegated to him (that he/she likes to do and you don't)?
What are you usually being praised for? What can people always rely on you for? What are you criticized for? What are people not trusting you to do?
Tell me some adventures from your life. What unexpected happened to you? What did you do?
What area would you like to be an expert in? What questions would you like people to answer? In what way would you like to be useful?
Did you answer all questions? Make sure the video is between 60 and 90 minutes long. If necessary, shoot an additional video to better reveal the topic.

If all goes well, upload your video interview to any file hosting and paste the link below